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Photos and Videos narrating you and your love fairy tale.

Every couple has its own characteristics, every Love Story has its story.

To you the choice

Servizio Fotografico


What better way to tell a story than by images? That is why our Photo service is the basis of the Love Stories we want to narrate.


One or two photographers will be next to you in a discreet manner, to capture your complicity in the most genuine and natural way. And you? You do not have to do nothing but being yourselves, losing yourself in the atmosphere of the location you chose. You will only think about enjoying the moment, we will take care of the rest.


“Our cameras will be your memories”: that is why we will do our best to catch the most beautiful moments out of this day, these hours and this experience.

Film Clapboard


If you are an active couple who wants more, our Video service is the ideal service for you: what better way to make your first steps together memorable than filming them?


Together with two or three professional photographers, you can count on two or three expert video-makers who will follow you to film all your moves.


Every Love Story is made up of those small things that only a film can record entirely. You will be able to recall this experience any time you desire through any devices, such as TV, PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


This video will capture the essence and the colours of your Love Story and of you.

Post produzione

Emotional Photo Presentation

Give your photos a magical touch.


Let Dario's Team take care of what we call “emotional editing”: a moving soundtrack will be the common thread linking all your photos and measuring the rhythm of the photos.


Just click on Play on any device to lose yourself in your Love Story all the times you like.


Because photos speak for themselves, but if they are narrated through an emotion, you will feel them better.

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